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Jomboy Media is a New York-based multimedia sports and entertainment company founded by Jimmy “Jomboy” O’Brien in 2017. In the years since, Jimmy and partner Jake Storiale have built Jomboy Media into one of the most sought-after multimedia sports brands, focusing on the creation and distribution of original content for podcasts, digital series, television shows and new IP.

Jomboy Media is the #1 independent brand for baseball content on the internet and social with over 1.5M subscribers on YouTube. Jomboy’s popular “Breakdown” videos frequently amass over 1 million views, and their flagship podcasts, Talkin’ Baseball and Talkin’ Yanks, consistently rank among the top baseball podcasts in the United States.

In recent years, Jomboy Media has continued to create hit YouTube/podcast series including The Chris Rose Rotation, Baseball Today, and The Warehouse Games, while also launching content distribution partnerships with the YES Network and Amazon.

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